Charlie Larose

apprentice teacher

Charlie is a former professional classical/contemporary ballet and tango dancer. Pilates was integrated into her dance regiment and she continues to use it as a vital part of her training method for her acting and stunt acting career. Pilates is not solely her fitness routine, it also functions as an injury rehabilitation tool. With proper technique and guidance, she believes Pilates can not only remedy ailments, but also prevent them. In her stunt acting career, she is guaranteed a few injuries, but Pilates helps avoid the injuries that put a stop to an athlete's career. Flexibility is not only a skill used for visual show, but also a crucial element in preventing injuries. Strong, flexible muscles can be obtained through Pilates. Obtaining flexibility is a wonderful goal, and Pilates can achieve that while keeping joints and ligaments healthy and safe. Charlie aims to teach others techniques to discover an intense connection with the details of their personal anatomical world, resulting in a new formed awareness they not only will see, but also feel.