Sharon Marcussen

Expert teacher

Sharon has been working the past 13 years as a visual effects artist for TV and film, and finds pilates to be a wonderful balance to her life with all the computer work each day. Having studied art, design, and animation in college, she gained experience in observing and drawing the human form and how people move.  Wanting to further expand her knowledge of anatomy and bio mechanics of the body is what brought her to the education program at Gramercy Pilates, and started her on the path to becoming a pilates instructor. Sharon’s first introduction to pilates came as a result of some compounding sports injuries to the ligaments in her lower back and knee, which made simple tasks like putting on socks and walking down stairs incredibly painful. She was recommended by her physical therapist, to stop all impact sports and spinal flexion exercises during this time and do some one on one sessions with a pilates instructor.  With the instructor’s help, she was able to exercise safely and pain free to correct the imbalances in her body that largely came as a result of sitting all day with poor posture, as well as strengthening the muscles around her injuries as she healed. It is now her passion to share with others, the lifelong benefit pilates brings to the body and mind in preventing or helping to heal from injury, and how the exercises can be practiced during all stages of life.