Kim is an amazing teacher. She really connects with the students and helps her students understand the exercises and movement principles, before moving on to the next exercise.
— Danya Scott, Winter 2015
Due to the integrity and integration of so much knowledge and material in the program, my opportunity for careers in this field are now endless.
— Britni Lavariere, Winter 2015
Choosing to become a Pilates instructor via Gramercy Pilates Fitness NYC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m deeply grateful for these teachers and their wisdom.
— Maysa Khedr, Winter 2015
This program helps students develop an eye for detail that can take their teaching to the next level. This program offers one on one attention like no other.
— Graziella Murdocca, Fall 2015
Ernie, Kim, Teresa, and Yuki are knowledgable, friendly, and supportive. As a yoga and mindfulness instructor, I felt Gramercy Pilates was the right studio for me.
— Edwin Amaya, Winter 2015
This program completely changed my vision and thought process about exercising. As a teacher, I’m able to work with people of all ages and physical conditions.
— Viktoriya Kukandzina, Spring 2015
The anatomy foundation at the start of the program was really valuable. It helped me to better focus on which muscles to use when performing exercises. This has guided me to a new path as a Pilates professional and given me the confidence to share it with others.
— Sharon Marcussen, Fall 2015
Gramercy Pilates not only provides in depth and comprehensive training, it also allows you to complete your certification in your own time. I can’t sing Kim Fielding’s praises enough, she’s an amazing instructor and mentor.
— Emily Benett, Winter 2016
I’m very grateful for the knowledge and incredible personal instruction their teacher trainers have provided me. It’s allowed me to dive deeper into my own practice and given me confidence developing my own personal teaching style.
— Marjorie Gross, Fall 2016
This program has a big emphasis on anatomy and biomechanics, which gives the teachers vital tools to help their clients in a smart and safe way. I highly recommend Gramercy Pilates to anyone interested in becoming a Pilates instructor.
— Jonathan Breton, Fall 2016