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Why our School?

Our Mission

To produce Pilates teachers that are well-versed about the kinesiological principles developed by Joseph Pilates as well as implementing new science and information from the 21st century. This combination of education will prepare our graduates to provide safe and effective sessions for every type of client they encounter. Further, to guide potential students towards becoming PMA certified teachers.

 Our Faculty

Experienced, dedicated and forward thinking, led by Studio Owner and Director Ernie Fossa and Teacher Training Program Director Kim Fielding. They have a combined 30 years of experience teaching Anatomy, Biomechanics, the  Classical Pilates repertoire,  Contemporary and Advanced Movement and working with Clients with medical conditions.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Program goes well beyond just learning the exercises. With our curriculum you’ll get many hours of in-depth course lecture classroom teaching  covering: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Unique Movement Principles, (UMP), (based on Anatomical and Biomechanical facts),  Client Facilitation and Special Populations including over 20 medical conditions covering the spine, upper and lower extremities. This Comprehensive Curriculum will help prepare you to work with any type of client.

Our Integrated Teaching Approach

We offer a progressive way of learning and teaching the Pilates method of exercise  by integrating Anatomy, Biomechanics and our Unique Movement Principles, (UMP).  This integration then threads throughout both the entire Mat and Equipment choreography and facilitates your learning process to better help you understand  how and why the  Pilates method of exercise really works. This process will give you the opportunity to develop into becoming  a more well- rounded and truly advanced Pilates Teacher.

Our Educational Standards

We have gone through a rigorous process to show our compliance with many Educational Standards in order to become an Approved PSAP Pilates School. These standards include maintaining and having available a full School Catalog that covers many important issues for you as a student. Some of these issues include admissions requirements, attendance requirements, enrollment procedures, all costs, programs and courses, refund policy, student grievance procedures, grading requirements, non discrimination policy and much more. Please take the time to download and review our School Catalog.

Your Tuition Costs Cover the Entire Program. (we are fully transparent, no hidden costs).

In addition to paying for tuition, most Pilates studios that offer Teacher Training Programs require you to purchase group classes and private sessions that add thousands of dollars on top of your tuition cost. Our tuition covers everything you need to begin your program including the program manuals, course lecture hours, studio time to complete your practice hours, supervised teaching hours, testing and assessments and 5 free mat and equipment classes. What’s more, if you decide to take additional classes, (not required), you receive a 50% discount off any class package, and if you want to take a private session with one of our Certified Teachers you receive a 25% discount. .