Your health and well-being are very important to us. If you have an injury or are pregnant, please call or email the studio to receive clearance to take a class.  If you are new to Pilates, please consider taking our Beginner Reformer/Tower class to start with so you can understand this method of exercise. If your budget allows, we also highly recommend taking a few private sessions before you begin taking classes. If you have any questions about taking classes, please call or email the studio.

The best in health and fitness,

Ernie and Tommy, Studio Owners

Beginner Reformer/Tower

The best class in the city for those new to Pilates. You'll first learn the important Pilates Movement Principles to understand where the exercises originate from and then perform them properly and safely on both the Reformer and Tower. Please be injury free and not pregnant if you wish to take this class.

Open Reformer/Tower

For clients with some experience on a Pilates Reformer/ Tower. This class is taught at a medium pace on the equipment and may use various props for modifications and progressions to the classical exercises.  Please be injury free and not pregnant if you wish to take this class.

Intermediate Reformer/Tower

A fast paced class with rhythm,  you'll be expected to have good experience using the  Pilates Reformer and Tower and perform the exercises with control and precision.  Various props such as the spine corrector may be used in this class to increase the challenge of the classical work. Please be injury free and not pregnant if you with to take this class.

Jumpboard Integration on the Reformer

A fun class that includes the Pilates Jumpboard to increase the intensity of the workout, especially in the deeper abdominal, leg and butt  muscles. You'll also perform upper body conditioning exercises for a great overall workout.   Some prior experience using the Jumpboard is recommended. Please be injury free and not pregnant if you wish to take this class.

Pilates Butt Camp Class

Get the rounder, firmer and shapelier backside you’ve always wanted in this high intensity class that focuses exclusively on the maximus, medius and minimus gluteus muscles. Please be injury free and not pregnant if you wish to take this class.

Pilates for Text Necks

Slumping forward while using mobile and computer devices will eventually lead to neck and shoulder pain, nerve damage and possibly disc herniations. Sound familiar? Hence, the term “Text Necks.” The class was developed and created by Kim Fielding and is designed to improve and reverse this condition and bring better functionality to your everyday life with a series of focused corrective stretching and strengthening Pilates exercises using the Mat, Reformer and Tower. To take this class you must be injury free and not pregnant.

Intermediate Reformer/Tower-Standing

Get a full body workout through this unique Standing Pilates class, developed by Kim Fielding, where aesthetics meet function, balance, stability, tone and balance. Special exercises will be introduced that support the deep postural muscles of the trunk and how they connect to the upper body and lower body in standing and movement. Please be injury free and not pregnant if you wish to take this class.

Pilates with Kim Fielding

Great personal attention, highly motivated, generously encouraging, educational and super sweet is how people have defined taking a  Pilates session with Kim Fielding, our Director of Pilates Teacher Training. Don't get us wrong....Kim will work you hard and with the modifications and corrections you'll need. Anything goes--the reformer, tower, all kinds of props may and will be used!  She may even have you standing on your head! If you have an injury, just let her know. She'll take good care of you.

Pilates for Back Pain

This class was created and developed by Kim Fielding as a way to help reduce, manage and ultimately reverse back pain bringing better functionality to everyday life. It begins with deep breathing to help decompress the spine and continues with various modified stretches and Pilates exercises to help with flexion, extension and full body strengthening. If you have a serious back injury such as a recent disc herniation, please call the studio to discuss whether or not this class would be appropriate for you.


Prenatal Pilates Equipment

For clients who are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Having a baby is a phenomenal physical feat taking your body through a major transformation. Pilates during pregnancy has been proven to reduce discomfort, ease the challenges of labor, and shorten post-partum recovery time. This class uses the reformer and tower as well as various other props to help you strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominals and deep postural muscles with emphasis on improving body mechanics, proper posture and lifting techniques. Please have doctors’ clearance to take this class.

Advanced Reformer Intensive

This class teaches the advanced reformer choreography with precise movement and flow making it a truly intensive movement experience. You’ll perform invigorating exercises like snake, short spine, rollover, horseback,  balance control and more that will lengthen and strengthen your entire body.  This 50 minute class is for experienced Pilates practitioners.  Please be injury free and not pregnant.

Advanced Tower Intensive

Build a long, lean musculature, increase range of motion and unilateral movement in this challenging advanced class that utilizes various tower attachments- springs with loops and handles, push through bar, and pull down bar. Classical  repertoire with  progressions include Parakeet, Swan/Cobra, Rolling in and Out, Side Leg Series and an intense upper body series. Previous Tower experience is required. Please be injury free and not pregnant.

Mat with Props

This Mat Class provides a full body workout focused on maintaining proper biomechanics with precision and control. Intermediate and Advanced level exercises are taught with some using props to modify if needed. 

Pelvic Floor for a Stronger Core

The pelvic floor muscles form the base of the pelvis and support the pelvic floor muscles, stabilize joints, helps to maintain correct intra-abdominal pressure, helps to maintain continence, assists in sexual performance, aids with function in activities of daily living and sport.  In this class focus will be placed on learning how to release and strengthen your pelvic floor to attain a much stronger core.  Awareness is placed on using the pelvic floor, core and movement as a unit with exercises done on the reformer, tower and with the use of props.

Pilates for Brain Fitness

A great challenge of balance, coordination,  memory, rhythm is the focus of this unique class. You'll  sharpen your mind, grow new neural pathways and relieve stress and tension. Pilates exercises on the reformer, tower and other props will be taught as “multitasking” which greatly benefits the body and mind at the same time bringing better functionality to the nervous system.