Lots of neck and shoulder pain are due to bad posture, which is a result of slumping forward while using mobile and computer devices or just sitting at a desk. The specific Pilates exercises taught in this class improve and reverse this condition and bring better functionality to everyday life. Slumping forward while using mobile and computer devices will eventually lead to neck and shoulder pain, nerve damage and possibly disc herniations. Sound familiar? Hence, the term “Text Necks.” The class was developed and created by Kim Fielding and is designed to improve and reverse this condition and bring better functionality to your everyday life with a series of focused corrective stretching and strengthening Pilates exercises using the reformer and tower combined with various mat exercises. Take this class on Mondays at 12PM and Thursdays at 6PM! Read the full article here.

Kim Fielding is the Director of Teacher Training at Gramercy Pilates NYC and holds a certificate in both Balanced Body and The Method Pilates. She has been in the fitness industry for 25 years and has been teaching Pilates for over 10 of those years. She received her B.A. in Psychology and did a Master’s program at Springfield College in Health Promotion/ Wellness Management with advanced study in Counseling. She was a teacher in the Mind Body Fitness training program with other faculty members including Lesley Powell, Doris Pasteleur-Hall and Dr. Martha Eddy at Movements Afoot. She taught the Pilates repertoire and question & answer program to go along with the Physical Mind Institute, The Method Pilates certificate. She also taught students Balanced Body Pilates Repertoire on a weekly basis. She has specialized training in MS and Parkinson’s disease, Somatics, Laban and Bartenieff Fundamentals. Fielding studied in the Somatic Movement Teacher Training program, Dynamic Embodiment, with Dr. Martha Eddy.